February Mini Updo Challenge | Updo #3 in 1 Hour

This is week 3 of the updo challenge presented by Yemi over at Great Lengths, and it is another twist and pin variation. {see week 1 | week 2 updos} However, this style only took me 1 hour to complete from start to finish! Now that's a record for me. The secret? Chunky twists (about 20) and lots of bobby pins.

This style was inspired by a post I saw over at Adventures of a Nappy Chica. Jackie shared a style that she recreated from a tutorial done by Jenell @ Kinky Coily Curly Me. As I watched her tutorial, I liked how the updo was simple in concept and did not require a lot of twists to make the style look full. Plus Jackie did a great job with it on her own hair so I was convinced! I wanted to try this style last week, but got carried away and did way too many small twists (which would have made pinning for this updo a pain in the butt). 

Of course I love my bangs. Here's how this week's updo turned out:

This week is going to be brutal here in the South...lows in the single digits??? Yeah, we will have the fire burning over the next several nights. Today, Z had a 3 hour early release with a possibility of either no school tomorrow or a delay if we get the 1 inch or less snow that is called for this afternoon. #Southernlivinginthewinter #shutdown 

So, I probably will keep my head under wraps most of this week especially while out:

I cannot stand cold ears...::shivers:: :-)

What's your hair status this week? Do you protective style more in the colder weather?

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