February Mini Updo Challenge | Updo #4

For my final style in the February mini challenge, I opted to go back to basics with a simple bun and bangs. Because of my current situation as explained in my wash day post, I just did not feel like fooling around with my hair. I did a similar style last month and was pleased how easy it was to recreate this bun look. {see style + pictorial here}

I love having a bang section because I can change up a basic hairstyle into various looks. Yesterday, I wore a flat twist out bang pinned under. Later on today, I plan to wear the bang flat twisted but twisted and pinned to the side as shown below:

On Friday, I will probably wear a pompadour bang before washing my hair.

I really have enjoyed this challenge co-hosted by Yemi @ Great Lengths. I can't wait to see what next month's challenge will entail. Nevertheless, I do want to continue incorporating protective styling in my regimen for the month of March.

To see my other styles:

I will do a February Style Recap post soon. To see my styles from January {see this post}.

How are you wearing your hair this final week in February?

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