January Style Recap | February Updo Challenge

After wearing wigs for majority of 2014, January was definitely my break out month for my natural hair. With my hair length between 5-7 inches long, styling has been quite interesting as I balanced between protective and loose styles. Besides my usual twists, here is a quick recap of the some the styles I have worn last month:

Although I ran into a little styling rut recently, overall, I had a pretty good variety of styles in January. This month, I am taking up an updo challenge where I will style my hair in four updos max (one style per week) to help promote protective and low maintenance styling. In my next post, I will show what I have done with my hair for the week.

How was your month of styling in January? Was your focus more protective or high maintanence (or somewhere in between)? Any special hair plans for this month?

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