Quick + Easy Hairstyles for Girls | The Bun-hawk

I am more of a "style and leave it alone for 1-2 weeks" type of mom when it comes to Z's hair, but this bun-hawk hairstyle done by The Mind Catcher on YouTube is too cute and looks very simple to do especially on girls with longer natural hair:

I might try my hand at this style on Z this weekend since her hair will be stretched from the threaded style she is currently wearing and see how long it will last in her hair. If it lasts at least 5 days with little maintenance AND she likes it, we might add it to the hairstyle rotation especially when our styling time is short. Right now, my go to style is either two strand twists or banding/threading into a bun (if I don't have a clue as to what to do with Z's hair). Even still, these styles can take up at least 1.5-2 hours of our time. However, as her hair continues to grow, even these simple styles will start taking longer and longer to complete. If I can cut her styling down to 45-60 minutes without sacrificing proper management and maintenance, then we are on to something! As much as I love a good style that will stay for at least 2 weeks, I would rather spend some of that styling time elsewhere.

Here is another similar bun-hawk style I found on Carol's Daughter Channel:

Of course I love the option of a bang! With Z, bangs help a style last longer because they can mask those frizzy baby edges as a style gets older.

So as I look for more quick and easy hairstyles to try on Z's hair, I will post them on my blog to hopefully inspire me and other moms (and dads, grandparents, etc) when it comes to styling their girls' hair. I am quite sure these styles come in handy especially for the parent with more than one head of hair to style. #icantevenimagine

From one busy parent to another: what are some of your quick and easy go to hairstyles? How long do they last and how do you maintain them? If you have pictures you would like to share, I can feature your child's style here on the blog. 

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