Results of No Heat Stretching with African Threading

Although I like banding as a no heat stretching option, African threading gives more of a uniformed stretch to her hair especially when I want to braid/cornrow Z's hair. Plus, the threads are easier to remove from her hair than the bands. But don't despair, banding is not banned from our no-heat regimen for good...this method is still a really good option for styling hair in twists on stretched hair to show some length.  Now that her hair is long enough, I am able to get the added benefit of having her hair put into a threaded style for a week before actually doing another style.

Last week, Z wore Ghana Plaits (via African Threading) in a bun to keep her hair stretched throughout the week. This past Saturday, I took down her plaits in preparation for a different hairstyle for her to wear for this week.{inspired by this cute bunhawk style}

Here's her hair before I removed the threads:

Here's her hair during...see the nice "no heat" stretch once I lightly combed through the section:

Here's her hair after I finally removed all the threads and sectioned it:

Z's hair is so thick in the middle section; I can tell that her hair been filling in so much more since last year. Her strands are still fine but her density is medium for the back two-thirds of her head and a little less dense in the front area of her head (just like mine). 

What is your favorite no-heat stretching method?

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