Style Update | Curly Twist Out Puff with Bangs

This is just a quick update to my curly twist out style that I wanted to share. This style was really simple to do and only took 10 minutes from start to finish last night. What I did was:
  • lightly moisturize my hair with SheaMoisture Curl & Style Milk + seal with olive oil
  • section off some hair for bangs
  • divide the remaining hair into two sections
  • use my diy elastic bands to create two curly puffs close to each other
  • fluff puffs to fill in gaps and make them slightly fuller and uniform
  • add just a little bit of flaxseed gel on edges and tie down with a scarf overnight

Here are some other angles of my curly twist out puff hairstyle:

Hope everyone has a great and safe Saturday. Happy Valentine's Day!

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