Style Update | The Curly Twist Out Using Flexi-Rods

As much as I love my simple and low maintenance twist and pin up hairstyles, a twist out here or there is rarely our of the question. I wore my latest updo for 6 days and would have gone an extra day or two, but I was inspired by KLP from Saving Our Strands and her curly dos. Although I am not at the level where I can neatly curl my loose hair, curling my twists is nothing but a breeze for me. I only own flexi-rods because they are generally comfortable for both me and Z to sleep with overnight. 

To install the curls, I simply spritzed my hair lightly (key!) with my aloe vera juice + water mix and sealed with a little bit of olive oil. I took 3 twists at a time and wrapped the ends around one end of the rod several times to secure them before rolling the rest of the twists up to the roots and bending the other end of the rod down to keep it in place. I did not roll tightly nor did I have any particular method behind the direction of the rods. I am such a lazy carefree stylist at times. ::shrugs:: :-) I covered my hair with my bonnet and slept...good.

This morning, I used the follow two products to remove the flexi-rods and style my curls:

I separated the twists from each clump of curl and proceeded to untwist each twist for a curly twist out. After some slight manipulation and a few pins to gently pin back the sides, I had a nice and shiny curly twist out hairstyle in under 20 minutes. To add some volume, I fluffed up my roots especially around my crown area. Here are some angles of the final look:

Originally I was going to co-wash my hair tonight, but I am going to sport these curls for another day and put them in a curly puff or updo. It has been years since I have curled my hair so I am going to enjoy my curls for a little bit longer. 

What special hair plans do you have for tomorrow? 

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