Style Update | Revamped with Twist Out Bangs

One of the reasons why I love twists is because they are very versatile. You can twist and wear them down, pin them up, or do a twist out. My last style was a twist and pin updo, and originally the style looked like this:

As the days passed, the front twists got shorter (from normal shrinkage), and the frizzies grew. By the time it was Friday, I decided to do a twist out on my front twists to create some volume and change the look of the style:

The twist out was very soft and had lots of shine throughout the day. If it was not for my scalp screaming water, I probably would have extended this updo style for a few more days. 

It is nice to be able to switch up a look with a simple twist out from time to time to get multiple looks out of one style. Plus, I know my hair is getting longer so having the option of bangs above my eyes is only short term (unless I cut them, of course). I might as well enjoy them while I can!

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