Unofficial Winter 2015 Break Recap | Outdoor Edition

Today is school day cancellation number 7 with tomorrow marked as number 8 after receiving word from the district's communications rep this afternoon. Bless her heart for making all those announcements. We do have inclement weather days built in the school calendar, but they have already been accounted for with four days still on the cutting board. Many parents are highly upset (which is understandable as it relates to work) and older kids and families are very concerned about risking Spring Break plans to make up for lost educational time. But we all know that everyone cannot be pleased. Either risk taking kids to school on the bus and getting in an accident (where the parents are ready to sue) or risk missing a day for naught because the weather turned out okay. Better safe than sorry in my opinion. The best thing for us all is to make the best of the situation.

Our unofficial winter timeline...

It all started last Sunday when we received a call for a half day on Monday (16th) due to some upcoming snow (in which it did but not much). However, with very low temperatures in store and living in the South, that amounted to icy roads and a statewide shutdown (because obviously we are not equipped down here to handle such weather situations without accidents). Although our side of the county was pretty clear road wise as the days passed, some parts of the area still had icy roads. Therefore, schools continued to be closed for the remainder of the week. 

In the meanwhile, daddy and Z managed to build Olaf last Tuesday (17th) with about an inch of snow of the ground #kudos:

The next day (18th) after finishing shopping, Z and I were caught in a 15 minute heavy blizzard. Then the sun came out...#random:

Fortunately, things cleared up nicely for school this past Monday. Kids were happy, parents were happy, teachers looked happy. lol All seemed well until the forecast called for another storm system on Tuesday. So Z and I headed to the library to check out a boatload of books. On Tuesday, we got just enough snow to dust the ground white and by yesterday late morning, things were pretty much cleared...I mean, we saw grass! The sun was out, the 40s felt great for this Southern gal, and I was chirping along doing some mid week shopping. As I checked out at one of the stores, a woman mentioned 5-6 inches of snow coming our way in a few hours. Huh? Clearly, I didn't check the weather often enough. I was really blindsided by the storm that came through last night dumping between 6-7 inches of snow in our area. Praise God we still made it to bible study safely and back before the snow literally poured down.

I talked to my parents via text. They live in SC and only received lots of rain from last night's system. I stayed up for awhile to catch up on some blogging and periodically peered outside to witness the beautiful snow. This is what I like: snow...pure plain snow. Not the icy, slippery stuff. Nah.

This morning, Z and I went to try our hand at making a super big snowman. First we had to check out the scene:

Then we went out to the tennis courts to plunder through the cleaner snow there (until a neighbor walked his dog around the perimeter leaving poop along the gates...eww). Anyway, after 1.5 hours later, here's the final result of our snowman (after some of Z's friends contributed at the final stages):

After deserting our marvelous creation, Z and I threw some really solid snow balls at each other. She tried to make a snow angel, but it was muddy underneath the snow and mommy can only handle but so much So she had to get up. ::smiles gracefully:: We ran around a lot, which was great activity for me because honestly, I have worked out only twice in two weeks. Eeek! Yes, I have been slacking. 

Reflecting on last year, a similar weather pattern happened in NC. We got a little snow storm followed by a bigger one. The only reason I remembered this was that we built a puny snow man the first time followed by a nice hip hop version of frosty with a lean. Oh, if I ever find a picture, I will surely post it! I wonder if this will be the norm for NC? Guess we will find out in due time, God willing.

How is your area weather wise? Are you sitting nice on the West Coast or feeling our cold pain over on the East Coast?

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