Unofficial Winter 2015 Break Recap | Indoor Edition

Being away from school has been both a challenge for Z and me these past two weeks. For her, she's bummed about missing her specials (art, music, p.e., science) and recess. For me, my schedule is all thrown out of whack. I just have to keep myself grounded on the fact that this is a temporary situation. Fortunately being the crafty momma I am, I had some ideas in mind to help curb the winter blues in my active and very inquisitive 5 year old in a way that kept me pretty sane *for the most part*. This post is the indoor edition. {see this post of our outdoor recap}

I am quite artistic. I loved drawing growing up as an expressive outlet when my words just couldn't speak, and I love it now when the opportunity presents itself (currently quite rare). One thing Z has been interested in more and more is drawing people. On countless sheets of paper, she draws herself with nature, with me, with daddy, with family, with her teacher, with friends, with Jesus, with whoever. I figured I would expand her skills by introducing her to portraits. I showed her some mistakes beginners tend to make when drawing portraits and explained to her step by step how to draw a more proportionate face via a simple tutorial found on Pinterest. Her little brain made a connection quick because ever since our two hour lesson last week, she has been drawing her portraits with so much more detail than before. #artistintraining #itstartswithaseed #Godwillwaterit

Then we moved on to science. She saw this egg and vinegar experiment on one of those PBS shows one weekend as I did her hair, and it stuck with her ever since. Finally, earlier this week, we got around to doing it:

This experiment was interesting, gross, and weird. She wanted to do it again and I kindly told her maybe another time. ::smile:: #maybeshewillforget #itscoolifshedoesnt

For p.e., she has been doing a series of 2-5 minute videos found on including kids Zumba, role playing activities with silly catchy songs, and yoga. She was introduced to this website via her class when they take 5 minute brain breaks throughout a given day when the kids get a little restless. She mentioned it to me way before last week, but I had no clue what she was talking about. Now, after seeing how engaged she has been with this website, I am all for it (it doesn't hurt to have an incentive of growing her virtual pet based on how active she has been on the site). #literallyitmakeshersweat

For music, we did not do anything special because normally we sing, make up silly songs, and play music a lot already. 

Aside from these things, we also did the following (not inclusive):
  • math activity involving fractions and measuring cups/spoons
  • games: cards (classics such as Go Fish, Old Maid, Snap, Crazy Eights, War and I even introduced her to Uno), Chutes and Ladders, and Trouble (our new family favorite)
    • Will note that her sportsmanship has improved. Being an only child and losing can be quite a feat to take gracefully, but she's getting there. She now congratulates the winner without going extreme and feeling like she will never win. Oh how I understand the extremist mindset, Z. Taking it step by step.
  • reading (easy readers, flash cards, introducing the concept of compound words)
  • free play (because it is good that I get a break to handle adult things and to help foster independent/creative play)
  • crafts (made bracelets, necklaces, painted, made window decals)
  • (great for emergent readers and preschoolers)
And when push came to shove and I really needed to get something done, I allowed Z to watch an hour of TV for a couple of days she's been home. Of course she happily obliged and was still as a rock for an hour. Bless her heart that after the second show, she knows to cut off the TV. How long does this behavior last? #grateful #obedient My husband and I are not TV people so we just have the basic channels and lots of DVDs. I like to reserve TV when styling her hair and this has worked out well for her (and me) for 3 years now although she is slightly moving on to games on our phones or word search puzzles.

Of course, an unofficial break would not be complete without a new smile! Z lost her third tooth today. Of course she did not want to pull it out and had me to do the honor. If daddy was awake, I totally would have had him do it, but I survived. She hyped me up by telling me to flex my muscles and pull. lol #suchagoodsport

Now she can go to school on Monday with a different beautiful smile than the one she had before her break. Awh, she is growing up! We don't do the tooth fairy thing here so she exchanged her tooth for money from her dad. lol

With the weather turning for the better, our plans this weekend will be related hair involved so we can get back on track for March. For those of you with little ones out of school because of this weather, I hope you are managing well. It is not easy by no means, but we are striving...

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