Wash Day | Snowy Days = Co-wash + Bun

Oh, today is day 6.

This is the amount of days school has been cancelled for Z in relation to the winter storms lately IN THE SOUTH. Go figure! Tomorrow has already been called in because currently winter storm Remus is in the process of laying out inches of snow here in NC. We could get up to a foot by morning!

So while I have been MIA around the social scene, me and Z have been kicking it in the real world. Just like the old times before she started Kindergarten. Only this time, she wants to go back to school so she can learn, go to her specials, and see her teachers and friends. Me too, sister, me too. But we have been just fine doing science experiments, art lessons, cooking, workouts, cleaning, shopping, and whatever else other than anything hair related. I confess that our hair has been on the back burner as we cope with our schedule changes. 

So what's the real deal with our hair? We both need a good washing. Z is still sporting her cornrow bunhawk style, which is on its final leg. :-) I finally mustered up some energy last night to take down my last updo and pre-poo, co-wash, and style my hair. All in under 2 hours (including the 1 hour pre-poo). More specifically:
  • Pre-poo: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner + Hot Head Cap + 1 hour
  • Condition: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner
    • Lightly detangled my hair. I did not have the patience for a thorough detangling session.
  • Moisturize: SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Olive Oil
  • Style: 
    • I sectioned an area in the front on my head for bangs.
    • Used Aloe Vera Gel to slick down the remainder of my hair into a mid-level puff using one of my diy elastic bands. 
    • Loosely twisted my puff into 8 jumbo twists and pinned them under to create a chunky bun. 
    • Added four flat twists to my bang section going toward my hair line and bantu knotted the ends. 
    • Tied hair down overnight
    • The next morning, I unraveled bantu knots to create a full bang. 
    • I loosely twisted the bang and pinned under to protected the ends.
This is how the style turned out:

I am ecstatic because I did not need any pins to secure my hair for this style. This is probably because I added big bangs but still. I did a similar style last month sans the bangs and I must say, I really like the ease of this bun especially since my hair is about 5-7 inches long.

I plan on wearing this bun until this weekend when *hopefully* I can do a full out wash session. I am thinking about doing a protein treatment this time around since my last one was near the beginning of January. I also have to wash Z's hair this weekend, but I only plan to thread her into a wearable style for a week before actually braiding her hair.

Here's the lost hair this time around: 

This is about right after not touching my hair for about 1.5 weeks.

How was your wash day? Share it at the following link up:

The Wash Day Experience

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