Z's Wash Day + Twist Hairstyle

*Apologies for the poor lighting and lack of better pictures.*

Since Z was feeling under the weather this past week and weekend, I simply took down her last style and co-washed her hair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner instead of doing a full blown wash session. I applied the conditioner and detangled her hair outside the shower before rinsing her hair and sealing the moisture in with aloe vera juice and extra virgin olive oil. {very similar to Naptural85's co-washing method, which worked well for Z's hair.}

As far as styling, I banded her hair Friday and styled her hair on Sunday. I used SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in to moisturize her hair and twisted two-thirds of her hair down in the back. For the remaining third of her hair, I divided the section into two ponytails and created 4-5 twists in each ponytail. Then, I crossed pin them across the crown of her head. Finally. I made some bangs/fringes and pinned those as well to keep them off her face. As for hold, I used my homemade flaxseed gel as I twisted her hair.

I think it is a cute hairstyle considering she was not well and I wanted to be finished in under 2 hours, but she was not feeling it. Eh, you win some and lose some. As long as it gets her through the week, I am content. Today, I created a little updo in the back to keep her ends tucked away.

Z is doing much better this week! Her energy and silly ways are returning back to norm. The picture below was right after me telling Z that sharing is not caring when it comes to germs. Why do kids like to test the limits? :-)

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