dollar tree flexi-rod knockoffs | curl set results on Z

Hey ladies! I am going to play catch up here on my blog for a little bit. Hope all has been blessed on your end.

A couple weeks ago, I found these at the Dollar Tree:

I couldn't resist. 6 rods for a $1! Not shabby at all. I purchased 7 packs total. I went back last week and they were all Go figure!

I also purchased this too:

Don't bother with this one. The contact felt great on our scalps, but our hair kept getting caught on the ball ends. Oh well. I can't mess with it. When I checked, there was still a boat load of these

Prior to attempting this curl set on Z, she was wearing her three twisted buns hairstyle. Therefore, I simply worked with the sections already present for time's sake. I moisturized her hair with my simplified homemade spritz + SM Curl and Style Milk before setting her hair in the rods.

I am by no means an expert or even an intermediate user of flexi rods so this process was a matter of trial and error. Initially, I was going to just wrap her loose hair (which was slightly damp from product) around the flexi rod to create her spiral curls, but by the time I got to the roots, the hair looked really frizzy around the rod.

Frizzy during set = frizzy post set.

To reduce the amount of frizz, I decided to roll the section of hair first before wrapping it around the rod. This worked out better although I knew her curls would not be the flat voluminous curls I had originally envisioned. The take down was a breeze the next morning:

She liked them, and they held up for several days until it was time for her wash day. I think I am going to try my hand at these rods again later this week for a special event Z is having at Church this Saturday. This time around though, I am going to deep condition her hair and blow dry it (for the first time!) to straighten her hair a bit before adding the rods. I want fluffy spiral curls this time! I am going to look at a few YouTube tutorials prior to get some tips first.

What tips do you have for achieving a successful flexi rod set?

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