fitness update | better progress + one-bowl meal formula


I am glad to report that things have been much more consistent with my physical activity. I am still rolling with Jillian Michael's and Leslie Sansone's DVD workouts and averaging between 30-60 minutes 4-5 times per week.

According to my Polar HR monitor, I have burned 3428 calories between 3/6-3/18 with a total of 392 minutes of physical activity. For the next two weeks, my goal is 5000 calories. I am already on a pretty good start...1465 calories burned so far since 3/20. Tomorrow, I will be going on a hiking field trip with Z's class for about 2-3 hours. Granted, we will probably do more standing as we explore nature and listen to specialists share information, but at least it won't much sitting around during that time.

Although I notice my body changing, some days are still hard for me to push myself to workout. On those days, I end of forcing myself to workout around 8:30 at night when I should be relaxing and heading off to bed. A lot of this have to do with poor management of time when it comes to fitting in my work outs in my schedule. Ideally, I would like to get them done early in the morning before Z gets up to prepare for school but that realistically means that I need to sacrifice that extra chill time between 10:00-11:30pm at night to get my rest early so I can rise early to work out. It makes sense on paper, but my brain is struggling with the concept. But if I really want this to happen, then I just have to make this happen. Only I am stopping myself from accomplishing my goals.


If you don't know, I am a vegetarian (well, mainly...I do eat fish occasionally I guess making me a pescatarian). Last January (2014), my husband and I decided to abstain from eating meat for a month, and for whatever reason, it just stuck with me ever since. I really was not a huge meat eater and was that one child who would pick off EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE of fat off a chicken So giving up meat wasn't a hard pressed issue for me.  Occasionally, my husband and daughter still eat meat (aka chicken...hehe) at outings and social events, but as far as eating it at home, we eat primarily vegetarian meals since I am the primary preparer of meals.

Beans is a staple item in our household. We almost always have some type of bean meal incorporated in half of our weekly meals. Rice is another staple, and ever since I discovered making the perfect oven baked brown rice, I easily have a batch of rice made each week. I will also whip up some millet or pasta to change things around so we don't get too bored week by week.

Now that things are starting to warm back up, I look forward to eating my cold one-bowl bean meals again. They are quick to prepare and are packed with complete proteins and nutrients. These one-bowl meals are so versatile to put together based on a very simple formula I use:

Within 5 minutes, I am ready to sit down and enjoy a filling and healthy meal!

Going forward, I will be sharing some of the vegetarian/vegan meals I eat either here or on Instagram or facebook to hopefully give you some inspiration to try a meatless meal or two if you would like!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

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