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Hello lovelies! I wanted to share my fitness goals for the month of March after pouring out my pitiful (inexcusable) confessions for last month's low physical performance. First, I do want to thank you for your encouraging comments on that post! They really helped to motivate me to push for my greater potential in my fitness goals. I promise I will respond to them over the weekend. Z had a full week back at school so I am stoked to return back to my normal grove.

This week, I have been pushing for at least 1 hour workout sessions. Now that my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is back into commission, I have been able to keep a general idea on how much I am burning between my Jillian Michael's and Leslie Sansone's workouts. I am averaging between 500-700 calories after each session.

And guess what? My hubs bought me a pair of weight training shoes. {pictured above} Yeah! The plan is to return to my old love, Mrs. O-bar, and kick start my strength training in April. In the past, I've done New Rules of Lifting for Women (well, somewhat but stopped when the program became too involved in the later stages) and Stronglifts (really appreciate the simplicity of this program as far as the exercises go and the tracking app is awesome!). I am not sure if I will start over with Stronglifts or choose another program off I have a couple of weeks to decide. Any suggestions?

As far as my diet goes, I have been doing decent. The only terribly sweet desert we currently have in our possession is some organic soy ice cream from Trader Joe's. Other than the Oreo cheesecake I split with Z (sort of...she had and an outing to a local Mexican restaurant over the past week, I have been eating more balanced meals with plenty of vegetables and fruit (Thank you God for sending us an Aldi store). However, the MVP this week--the game changer--has been these green smoothies.

For the longest now, I have been very bloated due to water retention (probably from eating too much sweets and salt and not drinking enough water). I don't know the physiology behind it specifically, but since incorporating these smoothies once a day, my bloating and retention have dropped a lot. My weight was hovering over the mid 160s  for weeks, and now I am back down toward 160. I mainly use the smoothie as a meal replacement for either breakfast or lunch (because I love my high calorie peanut butter) and each batch gives me 3 cups of green yumminess each day. I have chia seeds in my possession and may start adding a tablespoon of those into my smoothies.

I did not even touch myfitnesspal this week nor the Water Your Body app this week. That's all I have to say about that. My water intake has increased to about 6 cups of water due to refilling my water bottle twice per day. I am thinking about purchasing another bottle so I can already have 6 cups of water at my disposal. Sometimes I drink all the water in my bottle and never refill it until HOURS later.

As far as my March goals:
  • drink 1 smoothie a day
  • maintain a water intake of 6 cups a day
  • workout at between 1-1.5 hours at least 5 days per week
  • lose 2 pounds
  • do 20 regular push ups without stopping (because my upper body strength is so blah)
I plan to do another update mid March unless something amazing happens between now and then.

How are you doing physical wise in March so far? What is one of your goals you plan to accomplish?
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