freestyle pinwheel updo hairstyle | pictorial

This might just become my go-to hairstyle when time is short. I mean, I rarely style my hair early in the morning, but I had to do something quick in under an hour before I had to be out the door. I did not have much time to think about a specific style; all I knew was that I wanted some sort of updo so I would not have to mess with my hair for a few days. Then, I recalled an older style that I did month in an hour and knew that as long as my twists were done medium to large in size, I could pull off a similar style in the limited time frame I had. Lo and behold, the freestyle pinwheel updo style was created:

Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own freestyle looks even when you are short in time!

What are your go-to quick protective hairstyles?

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