going back to the basics | twist set with braided roots

Last weekend, I co-washed Z's hair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner and did an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse before opting to go back to our basic twist set. To make her twists less poofy at the roots, I braided each section about an inch before twisting the remainder of the section. I loved how this came out because it allowed her twists to lay flatter against her head.

I don't know why this pic uploaded dark.

She has been wearing this set for the past week in different styles (aka ponytails). Her twists are really frizzy after a week of wear, so on Tuesday, I will probably have her wear a twist out up until I do a full wash day either on Thursday or Friday.

I think I will be doing her twists like this for now on. Even with the frizzy twists, her parting is still very visible. Next time though, I will probably band her hair first and then twist on drier/stretched hair. I feel it is easier for me to braid the root on not so damp hair that has been stretched.

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