goodbye 12-day updo | hello twist out hairstyles

It feels like forever since I had a serious wash session with my hair of any sort. Well actually it has been a while...over two weeks...but that streak is ending today. It is time to tuck my ends away for a little while and enjoy the low maintenance route. Several of you over the past week have anticipated my twist out results, so here's how it all went down.

I wore my lastest updo hairstyle for almost two weeks and still wasn't ready to let it go. Therefore, I did my twist out in stages. The first stage, I simply un-twisted the bang portion of my style and wore my hair like this for one day:

Then I wanted a full twist out experience after loving the volume of my bangs from the twist out. To prep for this second stage, I took down my updo the night before and rinsed my twists under water to encourage them to fall straight down (and plump up!). I moisturized my hair with some SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, re-twisted the bang section in chunky twists, and allowed the twists to air dry overnight. The next morning, I applied coconut oil to my fingers and took down each twist resulting in this twist out:

Yes, I was loving my hair. So.much! Wigs could never compare to my own although they are still my sidekicks when needed. Naturally, my hair grew bigger over the course of the day from being out in the misty weather, but this was totally acceptable in my book. I love big, frizzy, fuzzy hair. That same night, I decided to re-twist my entire head in larger twists to rock another full twist out the next day. I will explain my process in the next post. After removing my twists this past Sunday morning, my twist out came out like this:

I still had great definition, and my hair definitely had more volume than the previous day. I surely could have gotten a few more days out of it but opted to sport a puff with a scarf yesterday:

No sleek edges, no re-twisting. I just let my hair be. I surely enjoyed experimenting with my twist out and learning how to achieve a good second day result without having to deal with a mashed up twist out (from just simply throwing on a bonnet) or spending longer than necessary re-twisting my hair (in order to maintain a good definition). Literally it took me less than 20 minutes to twist my hair in preparation for my 2nd day twist out. #winning I am not sure when I will do a twist out this many days in a row down the line (because I want to retain as much length as possible this year), but I allow myself to enjoy one every now and then. Stay tuned for my next post explaining in further detail my twist out maintenance process.

What is your favorite way to rock a twist out?

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