half halo + half twists down hairstyle for girls

When I started my natural hairstyles for children board on Pinterest in 2012, little did I know that I would discover so many different (and creative) hairstyles for girls. From simple updos to press and curls to intricate heart shaped cornrow designs, the versatility of styling little girls hair is virtually unlimited. 2 years later, I have over 4000+ styles pinned that in recent weeks have finally been organized in categories by style so that they are easily accessible for me and many others.

As I was sorting through my main board, I came across several halo type hairstyles. This is a style I have not seen in person but totally adore from the pictures I have pinned. Two of my faves are:

Halo braid and cornrows

Interesting style by @jahairsalon - http://www.blackhairinformation.com/community/hairstyle-gallery/braids-twists/interesting-style-jahairsalon/

I have been toying with the idea of doing a halo style on Z's hair for a while now and decided to mesh the two styles shown above to create something new on her hair. I am definitely not adept in doing curvy designs nor frizz-less braids so I kept things simple with straight parting and twists.

Her hair was stretched via the African Threading technique for week and lightly combed out in preparation for styling:

To style, I

  • parted a horizontal section two inches above her ears and secured the bottom half in a loose ponytail while working on the top portion (the halo). 
  • divided the top section into two equal sections by creating a diagonal part; secured one section out the way.
  • moisturized hair lightly with homemade spritz + SM Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in + SM Curl and Style Milk. Used aloe vera gel near the root of each section.
  • cornrowed six triangular sections (which I eyeballed) starting at the center to the edge of the section.
  • twisted the remaining loose ends of each cornrow; repeated process on the other section. 
  • cornrowed two sections going up into the halo near both ears. In all, I had 16 twists total.
  • "flat twisted" the twists around the part of the top section. Once I returned to the starting position, I twisted all the remaining twists together and tucked them under the halo. I secured the ends with hair pins.
  • moisturized the back portion (with same products mentioned above) and twisted the section into medium sized twists (because by this time, both me and Z were through with this hair session...lol).

She did not know what to expect as I was styling so ran to the mirror (as usual) to see her new style. She give me her stamp of approval (a thumbs up).

This was her the next day (this past Sunday) after Church:

Oh how Z can go through a pair of shoes! #mylilscuffer

Side note: She fell down at her school and scraped her cheek against the wall. Being quite self-conscious (understandably) about her scar, she told me that she wanted to stay at home until the scar disappears because she did not want any kids laughing at her. I kindly told her that life does not work that way. A scar might show that you have fallen, but its the positive attitude you wear that shows that you choose to get up and once again move forward. This goes for the scars seen and unseen. #alessonforusall #alessonforeverything #alessoninthesmallthings I told her no matter what, it is the spirit inside that defines your true beauty and with that said, she is beyond beautiful. So smile on even if people laugh! Even Jesus was laughed at and mocked as He was on the cross. I reassured her that real friends wouldn't laugh but rather show concern that she's okay. Of course, the report the following school day (this past Monday) was that no one laughed. :-) And she has not been concerned about that scar ever since. #facingourfears #shesucceeded

Besides, I told her she better enjoy the youthfulness and resiliency of her skin now. That scar will be gone in no time. Let me fall and scrap myself, that will be a mark I will carry for a long time. lol

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