hello spring! | my full week of loose natural hairstyles

After such a hard core protective styling regimen over the winter, it was so easy for me to fall into a practice of carefree styling now that the weather is (slightly) warmer. Last week, I have enjoyed wearing some loose natural hairstyles in my effort to kick off the Spring season and get a feel for the increasing humidity (which makes my hair so soft).

Each one of these styles took no more than 20 minutes to do before I was done and ready to move on with my day. These styles are laid back, but that is my style. Plus, I have been working out almost daily last week since I joined my first DietBet game last week! Therefore, my hair expectation was not to have slick, pristine styles day to day but to spend as little time as possible with my hair post workout and still look presentable.

Creating this 5 minute twist out was basically a matter of having enough pins to secure the back and side portions of an old twist out upward to create lots of volume on top/front of my head.

Then the next day, I slapped a scarf on it + some big earrings and called it a day.

Then I pulled all that crazy beautiful fluffiness into a high puff.

Finally, I had to let go of the twist out and co-wash my hair to restore moisture. I applied gel on the edges, put my hair into a loose low puff, and tied it down with a scarf for 15 minutes to get flatter edges. I added some headbands (from Dollar Tree) and was good to go.

I will say after wearing my hair loose, I have noticed more SSK (single strand knots) unfortunately as I was detangling my hair Saturday during my wash session. Right now, I am wigging it for a little bit but plan to go back to the twists later this week.

What is your favorite quick hairstyle to wear in the Spring?

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