how I preserve my twist out overnight | pictorial

Back in the day when it came to extending the life of my twist outs, I did not know any better. I had two options:
  1. slap a bonnet on that sucker and face that HORRIBLE flat side (or back!) twist out in the morning
  2. spend longer than planned re-twisting my hair into smaller twists
I have learned since then that my twist out definition can still be maintained simply by re-twisting my style into chunkier twists (than the original ones). It was hard for me to believe for a long time until I actually tried it. And guess what? It worked beautifully! Here's a little pictorial to show how I was able to preserve my twist out overnight:

The process only took me under 30 minutes and I was off to bed. The next morning, I took some coconut oil, applied it to my fingers, and quickly untwisted my hair. The twists separated very easily and the definition was all there. I teased my roots and was able to achieve a really nice second day twist out:

Now I am a believer and no longer have to wonder how women are able to maintain a nice twist out several days in a row! I am all in the know now. :-) Check out the other {twist out styles} I wore with this set.
Oh, this journey...taking risks, trying new things, and discovering new revelations!

What other ways do you employ to maintain your twist outs? Do you use a similar method as above?

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