the NO wash day update | still rocking my 10 day old updo

Hey ladies! It's been a little quiet around here, but things are still running on my end. Hair-wise, my latest updo has given me so much more than I expected! The several hours it took to create this style has been worth it as my hair has held up against the rain, working out, and the increasing humidity hre in the South (which I am actually loving for my hair right now). Yes my hair is frizzy, yes my twists seem to have a personality on their own, yes my grays are trying to pop out my carefully pinned up style, but nothing a few spritzes of my homemade spray and a nice secured scarf (overnight) cannot handle. As expected, my scalp is itchy from skipping my usually weekly wash day this past weekend, therefore, I plan to unpin the twists and do a rinse + aloe vera juice rinse tomorrow night so I can sport a twist out on Friday. Then I will proceed with a full out wash session (shampoo and all).

Just wanted to drop in to give a quick update! Hope all is well with your hair this week but most importantly your inside beauty. Let your hair and spirits shine!

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