three twisted buns hairstyle for girls | quick + easy + protective


I confess--I have been kind of lazy with Z's hair for the past several days. After taking down her half halo half twists hairstyle and co-washing her hair on Friday, I just did not feel like investing hours into styling her hair. So ever since then, she has been wearing simple and quick 3-section hairstyles lately. On Sunday evening though, I decided to refresh the sections and put them into buns to keep her hair protected. The styling time was under an hour which I love, but being Z, these types of hairstyles frizz up quick even over the course of one day. She had picture day on yesterday so I wanted to make sure the style would last until then, and it did! 

All I did was:

  • take down the braids I had in before {sorry no pic} to keep her hair stretched after co-washing,
  • re-moisturized the hair
  • smoothed the hair into the elastic bands {see how to make your own easily}
  • twisted each ponytail into medium twists
  • pinned the twists into buns
  • twisted the bang section
I loved how the style turned out, but Z gave me the disappointed thumb down. Sigh...#ohwell I will definitely keep this style in the quick and easy style arsenal especially when her hair gets really long, and I need to do a style in a flash. It only lasted two days before I had to re-style it again, but nevertheless, it served its purpose.

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