ultimate guide to installing + maintaining yarn wraps/faux locs

Yarn wraps, genie locks, faux locs are extension styles worn to simulate the look of dreadlocks. Some may consider these options as cop outs since people with actual dreads/locs put in much time, patience, and dedication to achieve long healthy locks. I see these temporary styles as symbols of flattery that so many women are interested in the look of dreads. I have even read of women actually considering locking their own natural hair based on their positive experience and look of their extensions. 

My daughter and I have worn yarn wraps for a combined total of 5 times in 2014 and have truly enjoyed the ease of the style (after moving past the huge time commitment). We were able to successfully wear our installments between 3-6 weeks at a time. I have documented all three of Z's installations on the blog but one of mine for reference to us and others of the process and experience. 

I receive quite a few inquiries and blog traffic on this style particularly how to loosen stiff loc extensions. I figured compiling all the posts I have published related to our yarn wraps/faux locs experience in this single post would allow easier access and navigation around my blog. Creating this ultimate guide will also allow me to update it in the future with more articles based on comments and questions left by you, the reader.

My First Installation:
Z's Installations:
Other links:
I hope this guide helps you learn more about my insights in the style (prepping, installing, and maintaining). If you have any questions or concerns to be addressed, please leave them in the comments below. Feel free to share your experiences and pictures below as well for us to enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

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