wash day | protein + wigging it + updo finally

Date correction: Actually, my wash day was on 2.27.15 and styled my hair on 3.1.15.

For this wash day, I did a protein treatment since it has been a while since the last one. Mind you, I did Z's hair the same day so I did not have much energy to wash AND style. Therefore, I split the process into separate days. I did the following during the wash process:
  • Pre-poo: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle + 2 hours + Hot Head Heat Cap
  • Shampoo: SM Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo (diluted)
  • Protein Treatment: Naturals by Hask Strengthening Masque + 15 minutes {see my review}
  • Deep Condition: SM African Black Soap Purification Masque (I think this is being discontinued...::sadface::)
  • Moisturize: SM Curl & Style Milk
This was my hair post pre-poo. This is my play in my loose hair time:

So after washing my hair, I put my hair into 6 twists, tied it down, and went to bed. On Saturday, I originally planned to do something to my hair but time passed me by, and I ended up wearing my wig that evening and Sunday. Can't you believe this wig is over a year old in all of its frizzy fuzziness. #thewayIlovemywigs:

On Sunday evening, I buckled down, co-washed my hair, and went to twisting my hair into another updo as I was catching up on some bible. I am on a 365 bible plan and made it through Leviticus for the first time ever. As you read through that book and listen to all the sacrifices and offerings God's people had to make in order to return into a right standing with God, you realize how much power is in the blood of Jesus that covers all the wages of our sins. #thegoodnewsisactuallygreat

Once I finished (after midnight on Sunday...grrr), this was how the style turned out (my hair's still a little damp from styling):

Once the style dried and set overnight, I really loved the results the next morning! For more information on how I created this style along with pictures of my updo after setting overnight {see this post}.

How was your wash day? Hopefully you did not drag it along like I did. :-) Share your experiences here at the following linkup:

The Wash Day Experience

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