z's length check update | march 2015

Z's last check was over 2 months ago {see here}. I was going to wait until next month to post an update but as I was re-twisting a few of her frizzier twists the other night, I did a quick length check on one of the back twists. I was really surprised at how much her hair stretched...her shrinkage is so high! She wanted to see a picture of her length because many times she feels her hair is the same length all the time. She was amazed (for only a second) and went back to playing a game. lol. I can only imagine her reaction if her hair was straightened. Well actually, I would not have to imagine, I just know she would "whip her head back and forth" (remember that song?) a few times in the mirror. Then she knows I would put her hair up in a ponytail or a bun soon after. :-)

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