show me some length | twist set on blow dried natural hair

In the previous post, I explained the process of stretching Z's hair using the tension method. {read more here}. After originally deciding to curl her hair using flexi rods following the heat stretch, I ultimately settled on doing a set of twists on Z's hair. Twisting was so easy except when it came to parting her hair...we ran into a few tangles near the root of her hair. I guess I did not detangle as thoroughly as I though I did. We survived, and Z was so happy with the results. She was amazed at how long her hair has gotten.

As far as using heat to stretch her hair, I doubt I will do it anytime soon. It would have to be more of a "press for time" issue before whipping out the blow drier again. I will say that this set lasted two weeks of really good wear. I re-did the twists, which of course have shrunk quite a bit since these twists were first installed. Presently, Z is on week two of the second set of twists. She has class picture day next week so this weekend, we will prepare for that. She expressed she wants a "cornrow into a bun with a side bang" hairstyle for the picture so I will see what I can whip up!

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