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Clearly, I am back tracking on my posts to make up for lost time mainly because this blog not only serves as an outlet for natural hair and lifestyle information, but also as a journal to keepsake some of our most special memories on this side of life.

Earlier this month, Z participated in her second Young Girls Lecturette at our Church. It is a ministry for young girls between 4-9 years of age that aims to encourage, uplift, and edify these young souls in Christ. Last year, Z co-shared the role of presenting the acknowledgements at the end of the program. This year, she presented the purpose/mission of the ministry--all from memory. It was a three paragraph summary but through her hard work and much practice, she aced the part during the program with great voice volume, composure, and audience eye contact. My daughter never ceases to amaze me despite being so goofy and silly like a 5 year old should be.

This year's theme was Follow the Narrow Road (Matthew 7:13) based off lessons that were taught from the movie, The Wizard of Oz (hence the program's colors were yellow and red). The girls also recited a poem from the book God's Wisdom for Little Girls. Z's part was:

God’s Little Girl Is…Thoughtful

I love you, dear Mom-and I want you to know it.
Each day I ask God to please help me show it!
And if, when I’m grown, I have little ones too,
I pray that I’ll be a mom…just like you!

She did so well just like the other girls in the program and can't wait to see what her part is next year. I am thankful for programs like this one for today's youth to instill character building and Godly principles into their hearts. It is much needed in these perilous times.

So blurry. Sorry!

Afterwards, we took some pictures outside because what started out as a cloudy cool day turned out to be a very sunny and mild day.

The dress she wore was one she picked out at the very last minute. The original dress she selected was the typical poofy Cinderella dress with nice heavy material and fine details including a sparkly accent. Of course, Z loved it because it was fancy and princessy (not a word), but my husband kindly noted that the dress was more gold than yellow. Z's response: "Gold is a different kind of yellow so it's still yellow." So practical! lol

However, after picking out my dress (thank goodness for Ross), I realized her dress was a more golden color in comparison (although the tag explicitly said yellow) . I decided to make one last stop at Kohl's to see what they had left. The ONLY dress that was in her size was the one she wore to her program. I picked it up, inspected it, and presented it to Z. Her face lit up, and she excitedly expressed that she wanted to wear this particular dress instead. Honestly, it fitted her personality so much more: carefree and bright. Plus the dress was 50% off! #winning #blessed

Big shout out to my hubby. He works 12 hour shifts on Fridays so he was running off no sleep the following Saturday of her program. Yet, he was alert and very supportive of his little girl. She was so happy he was there ready to escort her (and her friend) down the aisle.

I praise God for my husband and his dedication to his family. There were many qualities I did not appreciate in him enough (and took for granted) at the beginning on our marriage (or even in our dating period) that I am learning to cherish more and more each day. I am truly blessed by his gentleness, meekness, and compassion. Times are very challenging for our family with him in nursing school and work right now, but he tries his best to be with us whenever he can even if that means sacrificing on some much needed sleep. I know God will carry us through our present situation because He promised never to forsake us. #believing #holdingfirm

Lastly, this little soul that God blessed me to be my daughter is simply amazing. I know many parents say the same about their kids, and they should! Children generally have such pure and innocent spirits that oftentimes humble parents (and others) if we are aware and seeking for opportunities of humility. So many times Z leads me to reflect on my relationship with my heavenly Father. The world can harden our hearts so much, but Z and her actions encourage me to be more childlike (softer) in my heart and mind. I cherish so much of her every day as she matures into her own special being. :-)

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