easy diy sunhat for girls | under $3 and 10 minutes

Recently Z has gotten into sunhats. We would go to stores, and she would try on hats for fun. One day, we were in Dollar Tree, and she spotted a plain sunhat and asked if she could have it. I told her yes but that we have to find a way to dress up the hat to make it colorful and pretty. 

We browsed around the store and saw the section with artificial bouquet stems. She suggested adding pink flowers to her hat. I offered the idea to incorporate some ribbon to her hat, and she picked out the pink and black zebra print spoon of ribbon (good choice!)

The next day after school, we went down to business. I heated up the glue gun, and she plucked the flowers off the stem. Using hot glue, I secured the ribbon around the hat, and she added the flowers in the position of her choice. Really, we were done in under 10 minutes, and Z has a hat that she absolutely loves!

Thought I would share this easy diy project that can be done with younger and older people alike!

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