wash day update | scalloped box braids

We are in the thick of summer here in the South, and Z and I have been hitting the pool anywhere between 2-3 times per week. Along with some fun in the sun (and water) comes the tedious hair maintenance of our natural hair. After yesterday's 2 hour fiasco with untwisting Z's matted twists + detangling, I am swapping the twists in for braided hairstyles. That way, her hair (hopefully) will not tangle nearly as bad and her style would hold a little longer. She could not wait to for wash day because she was getting a fresh style. Plus, with her wearing braids, her length shows more.

Since the water has taken a toll her hair (and mine), I did a restorative wash session using the following products:

See how matted and frizzy her hair was after repeated wetting and rinsing of her twists? (FYI: Swimming caps do not keep the hair dry. Both of our heads get drenched with water.)

Her hair felt so much better after the protein treatment and deep conditioning. It had life again! I channeled my inner kitchenista side and whipped up a batch of flaxseed gel and leave in conditioner (google Kimmaytube's leave in recipe) for our hair.

I braided her hair (doing scalloped parting versus boxed) and added bead barrettes to the ends. Her hair has gotten so long! It took me about 3 hours to complete this style.

I plan to at least keep this style in for one week.

Q. How do you deal with swimming and your (or child's) natural hair?

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