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One of my hair aspirations is to rock a huge high bun. But until then, I am going to work with what I have, and fake it until I make it. Ever since I have been going to the pool several times per week, I have come to the stark realization that it is quite challenging to maintain twists (even with a swimming cap) + I have very little desire to spend more than 30-40 minutes styling my hair. This is where the faux high bun comes in...

I have seen {this pictorial on pinterest} of the same exact style a while back but completely forgot about it until I went swimming one day before my evening class and had to come up with something quick to look decent in under 1 hour. Then it dawned on me to put my damp cowashed hair into a high side puff. I am not a fan of just allowing my natural hair to do what it naturally wants to do (mainly re-tangle) in its loose state so I began creating chunky twists within the puff and pinning them into a bun like formation to create this look:

Not the neatest bun, but I was presentable right in time for class. After allowing my hair to completely dry overnight and set, I had a more sleeker look that I wore for a couple of days:

Yesterday, I had {a wash day very similar to Z's} (using the same products) to help restore my dry hair. I applied my leave-in conditioner + SM curl enhancing smoothie on my hair (focusing on the ends) and a generous amount of flaxseed gel around the edges. Using one of my {diy elastic bands} (double looped), I carefully put my hair into a high center puff. I then created about 15 medium sized twists and pinned them in a circular fashion while using the middle twists to create a little volume in the center of the "bun" and fill in the gaps. I tied down my edges with my scarf to set for several hours and then I was good to go...

It's crazy how I was so stoked that I could do {a faux low bun} over 6 months ago on my shorter natural hair. Fast forward to now, I am breezing through these high faux ones. :-) This will probably be my go-to style for the next several weeks unless I come up with something creative, protective, and quick (key!).

This was the amount of shed hair from this week's session:

And finally, a quick length check {can compare to the my last one in January 2015}:

I am progressing along as expected. My next length check probably won't be until later this year if not December. Watching hair grow is like watching water boil (which is kind of cool when you add salt to the pot...lol).

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