the cross over updo + a slight bang modification

Rarely do I ever have an idea on how I will style my twists into a style until the opportunity arises, but this cross over updo was envisioned the day before I actually styled my hair. The steps behind achieving this style were simple:

  • Starting at the nape, take a few twists on one side (left), and cross them over to the opposite side (right). Secure with a pin. 
  • Take a few twists from the other side (right), and cross them over to the opposite side (left). Secure with a pin.
  • Moving right above the first two sections, take some twists from the left side. Cross them over to the opposite side (right), and pin. Repeat from the right side.
  • Continue this pattern until you are out of twists (or until you reach your bang section). Use extra pins to tuck away any ends that may be exposed.
  • Note: I had my head tilted somewhat upside down for the initial cross over sections.
  • For the bang, I added four twists and pinned two down on each side to keep them stretched overnight. I covered my hair with a satin bonnet.
  • In the morning, I untwisted the four twists and fluffed them just a little for some volume.
This style was done on slightly damp hair to allow for a good set overnight.

Then the bangs became a bit much on my forehead at the end of day 1. The humidity did not make things any better so I created a pompadour to get the hair off my face and out the way.

For several days in a row, I wore my hair just like this...

...and then I took the twists down to wear my hair into a twist out. I really enjoyed the second look. Very retro-ish from the side. :-)

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