the lost style files | the easy tuck and roll

A style for the time when you are not up to twisting but want to protect those ends. I wore this style a few weeks ago and found it easy to do. The steps:

  • On damp, co-washed hair, I moisturized and sealed my hair with SM JBCO Leave-in and coconut oil.
  • Made a part down the middle of my head. 
  • Sectioned off an area of hair in the front to create a side flat twist at the end of styling. 
  • Added a generous amount of flaxseed gel around the edges before rolling and tucking. 
  • Starting on the left section near the front, I began rolling the hair up and in, gradually securing it with pins as I moved toward the nape of my neck. 
  • Once I reached the nape, I continued to roll the section of hair until it rolled up onto itself (kind of like a super huge bantu knot). 
  • Pinned the rolled section of hair down to the scalp, making sure the ends are hidden away. 
  • Repeated on the right side. 
  • I loosely flat twisted the hair at the front of my head and pinned it into the roll on the right.
  • Tied my hair down overnight to set and smooth down my edges.

I did learn something as I was doing this style. I suck at bobby pinning. I had to remove some and re-pin them several times to get a nice secure hold. Although this can be considered a protective style, care must be implemented to not create too much tension around the edges from tight rolling or poorly placed hair pins. Other than that, this tuck and roll is a simple style when on a time crunch. Setting the hair overnight does make a nice, sleeker difference. :-)

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