the lost style files | updated scalloped box braids on z

After some back to back fiascoes with Z's hair and the pool {as mentioned previously}, I gave up on twisting for awhile and discovered a new found love for box braids. She wore her first set for almost 10 days before I re-did them again last Monday. The removal of braids can be tedious but detangling and removing shed hair was a breeze. I used the same parting so that cut down on the re-styling time and moisturized her hair with water and SM JBCO Leave-in.

She wore this style for another week and a half until I took them down this past week to wash her hair. She liked the option of wearing her braids into a low ponytail or a high bun. Being able to swing her length was a nice (and noisy--from the barrettes) incentive. I think I will be incorporating box braids more into the styling routine as Z proceeds into 1st grade this upcoming school year.

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