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My hair has been on a summer styling adventure if you have not noticed on Instagram lately. From twist outs to puffs and some protective updos in between, I can honestly say my hair has been quite manipulated over the past several weeks compared to my low key winter routine. After discovering a more efficient way to preserve my twist outs {click here for a pictorial}, I definitely could not pass up the chance to enjoy my hair "out" without the lengthy nightly hassle.

In my efforts to keep my hair moisturized from wearing it loose in the midst of this southern heat + protected during the frequent trips to the pool, my hair has experience quite some build up of hair product. I am certain my hair is well acquainted with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (which is already a heavy cream product for thick hair) and coconut oil thus leaving me with weighed down (and oily) tresses over time.

Oh, how I love shrinkage!

With a super oily and dirty head of hair from a week (plus) full of twist outs and pool hair, a wash day was in urgent order once I got back from vacay. I just could not take it anymore with the greasy forehead! I was given the opportunity to try out two new products from Maple Holistics* to use on my hair so this wash day was particularly exciting! I was able to put these products to the real wash day test. :-)

Here's the low-down:

  • Pre-poo: None. Simply sectioned dry hair into four sections.
  • Shampoo: Used Maple Holistics Hydrate Shampoo (diluted 1 oz of shampoo into 7 oz of water in an applicator bottle). Focused on the scalp first before moving toward the ends. Rinsed throughly.
  • Conditioned: Applied about a quarter sized amount of Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner on each section starting from the ends and working the product up to the roots. Allowed to sit for 10 minutes before finger detangling and using the Knot Genie brush to remove shed hairs. Rinsed first with warm water then with cool water to help close hair shaft. Allowed hair to air dry for 20 minutes.
  • Moisturized: Layered hair SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Coconut Oil to "LOC" in moisture.
  • Styled: Created 20 chunky twists and pinned them into an updo. Originally planned to use some homemade flaxseed gel I prepared recently for hold, but it had a slight tinge of offness in its aroma, so I ditched that idea. 

The shed.

The style.

This updo did not last past one day before I changed it into another style. I really need to chill especially with classes starting next Monday. I will say I have been inspired by Jen of Just Grow Already to try my hands at Marley twists. Details coming soon!

*Not an affiliate link.

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