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(By definition) The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the CAPACITY for growth, REPRODUCTION, FUNCTIONAL activity and CONTINUAL change preceding DEATH.

For the past year, my life has been happening. I have contemplated returning to blogging so many times over the year because I miss this creative outlet so dearly. However, I needed space and time away to grow, learn, and discover who I am at this stage of life rather than trying to please and meet the expectations of everyone else around me. In other words, I wanted to learn how to be free in my creative expressions and who I am before even publishing a new post on Beautifully Curled.

I am refreshed. I am vulnerable. I am freer. Here I am.

To recap my time away...

*Z has transitioned from a curious, quirky, "mismatchy", and energetic first grader into an insanely inquisitive and imaginative, witty, and FASHION conscious second grader starting on Monday. 

*I have completed four more classes toward my prerequisites for graduate school with A's. I have definitely reunited my love for hard core sciences and developed a new respect for the social sciences. One more prerequisite to go!

*My husband has completed his gruesome last year of his nursing program and graduated with two degrees this past May (Nursing and Spanish). He's currently prepping for his board exam. It is so nice to have him back apart from the time suck of school and 12-hour clinicals. This past spring was extremely taxing on all of us mentally and physically but God carried us through to the very end. 

*I am currently serving as a vessel to another seed to hopefully grace our family by the end of January 2017 (yes, I am pregnant!). #teammindblowing

*Hair related: we have so fallen off track. I have trimmed Z's hair several times over the year and I have been down right abusive to my hair for reasons I will explain later. No need to whine about it. Just going to pick up and move forward with better practises.

This is only a tiny glimpse of my major happenings. So many transitions are currently in progress as I type. The biggest transition to date however is the one that has been occurring mentally:

*As I move through my 34th year of life, I am gradually reaching a level where it is okay to be uncertain about where life takes me. I am tired of the constant control, micromanagement of every small detail, and pull to do things that are not beneficial to my growth as an individual. 

*I am okay with not knowing all the answers and directions (which is an unrealistic expectation in the first place).

*I am okay with failing as long as I am still learning (being fearful of failing is such a dangerous state of mind to be in (from personal experience)). 

*I am more comfortable of trying new things outside my comfort zone even if it does not make sense. Go hard or go home, right? What's there to lose in a life that is already so short?

I can go on, but I will say that I am excited to be here, right now, with a clearer mind. Free in this moment. Unapologetically. 

Ah...oh how I miss this...

I look forward to catching up on some of my favorite bloggers to see where life has taken them on their journeys since I last left off here. 

To all who are reading, I do pray for your own freedom to be YOU if you are struggling with that concept now. You are beautiful. You are here. You are alive. You have purpose. So go and live it out FULLY.

I will be back. Soon...::hugs::

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