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Hi and welcome to our blog Beautifully Curled!

I am Kristal and my daughter is Z and our blog was primarily created to officially document my daughter's natural hair journey. When I had my daughter, I had little knowledge of how to properly care for a child's hair let alone my own hair (and I have been natural for over 9 years!).

While Z's hair was short and very low maintenance, I took the time to research experiment with my own hair to see what basic techniques would be applicable for both of our hair although our textures are completely different.  Through this 2 year process, I was able to grow my natural hair from shoulder length to a few inches shy of waist length by implementing several important factors I believe every individual who desires healthy and long natural hair should employ regardless of texture:

  • Moisturizing hair often and in layers to seal moisture.
  • Detangle  hair from end to root.
  • Wear hair in protective styling at least 80-90% of time for less manipulation.
  • Always have night time hair protection.

Now that Z's hair is growing long and I have chopped all my hair off (for personal reasons), I have a little more time to learn how to manage her delicate strands, establish a solid hair routine, and to build up my skills in protective styling (it took me 2 years to finally learn how to cornrow). Her desire is to have long hair she can "swing" and it is my desire to help her reach that goal the proper way.

The information presented on this blog is not designed to be the holy grail of natural hair care for children. The information is simply to share with you our trials AND error encountered on Z's hair journey. Growing up, I had a relaxer put in my hair at the age of 8 because there were so little information about how to take care of naturally textured hair and it was just the thing to do to girl's hair back then...it was a vastly accepted practice.

These days, a wealth of information is available including hair tutorials, videos, product reviews, and products specifically formulated for natural hair. Sometimes it is actually overwhelming to see how much a simple Google search under "natural hair care" generates.

My ultimate goal for Z's hair journey is to filter through the excess to get down to fundamental aspects of caring for her hair. I have no desire to try everything out there, to become a product junkie, to hop on the latest trend bandwagon. Life is busy, budgeting is more important than ever, and my mantra is Keep It Simple. A life less complicated by stress of hair care is a life more enjoyable for the caretaker AND child. I want Z to truly love HER OWN beautifully and uniquely curled hair, and my desire is to become an expert of her hair so that I can gradually pass the expertise down to her as she matures and take ownership of her own hair care without having to be thrown into the water to figure it out all by herself.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the contents of our blog. I have always enjoyed sharing via blogging because I have virtually met some really great readers out there on my other blogs and hope to do the same thing here. I have so many wonderful ideas to help make this a warm and inviting spot to share ideas, inspirational hair journeys, pitfalls, some hair science, but ultimately a desire to instill in our children that their naturally and beautifully curled hair was designed specifically for them and should be embraced and loved as their own.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Kristal and Z

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