As of 12.4.2014

Currently, I am protective styling with a wig to grow my hair out past collarbone length. My goal is APL by June. Even though my hair is under protection, I still have to keep it cleansed, conditioned, and maintained on a weekly basis. Z, on the other hand, follows a bi-weekly regimen with mid-week  maintenance between wash days. Here is a general breakdown of our hair regimen:

{1} Pre-Poo:
  • Both of us: Every wash day I pre-poo with either a conditioner + oil or just oil alone on {dry} hair covered under a plastic bag + Hot Head Deep Conditioning cap for at least 20 minutes.
{2} Shampoo or Co-wash:
  • Me: Every first and third wash day of the month, I shampoo my hair. Every sixth wash day, I clarify my hair to remove product buildup. On the other weeks, I simply co-wash and detangle my hair. 
  • Z: Every first wash day of the month, I shampoo her hair. I clarify her hair every other month. On the second wash day of the month, I co-wash and detangle her hair.
{3} Rinse or Protein Treatment:
  • Me: I only do these on shampoo days when I know my scalp and hair are clean. The protein treatment is done on the first wash day of the month and the rinse on the third wash day of the month. I do not rinse out the rinse until after the next step.
  • Z: As of now, I am only doing a protein treatment on Z's hair, which is done on the first wash day of every other month.
{4} Deep Condition:
  • Me: Every first and third wash days, I deep condition my hair for 30-60 minutes. Sometimes I may add oil to the deep conditioner and cover hair with Hot Head Deep Conditioning cap. After sitting, I detangle hair with fingers first and then when another tool if needed (wide tooth comb, modified Goody's denman brush, Knot Genie).
  • Z: Every wash day (aka twice a month), I deep condition her hair the same as I do mine.
{5} ACV or Aloe Vera Juice Rinse (optional):
  • Both: This step depends on the state of our scalps. If we have been experiencing itchy, dry scalp, I will do either an apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice rinse {diluted in an applicator bottle} on the scalp only. I do not rinse out.
{6} Moisturize and Seal via LOC:
  • Both: After t-shirt drying the hair, I proceed to moisturize it usually with a leave-in followed by an oil and finally a heavy cream (usually Shea Butter). {see post about the LOC method}
{7} Style:
  • Me: Currently, I am just banding/twisting my hair into 5-10 large sections and pinning them to my scalp while I am wearing my wig.
  • Z: {See below}
{8} Mid-week Spritzing:
  • Me: I use my homemade moisturizing spray to lightly spritz hair once in the morning and at night to prevent dryness.
  • Z: I moisturize her hair lightly as needed but aim for every other night before bed.

Z's Styling Regimen Explained:

I am not the 'style hair every day or even every other day' type of mom. So all those cute pigtails, puffs, and afro styles that natural little girls wear just do not fit my schedule. I am more of the 'style the hair and not touch it (much) until two weeks later' type of mom. In other words, my current aim is to style Z's hair twice a month at MOST (to get us from one wash day to the next with little manipulation). Being that my daughter is relatively young and enjoys playing around, rolling everywhere, twirling and whipping her hair whenever she can, having pristine neat hair everyday is not a priority. I used to get frustrated after spending hours upon doing a style just to see it get frizzy and older looking the next day but that is just to nature of THIS busy child. Granted, gel would probably be helpful in maintaining hair and keeping frizzies at bay, but I do not see it as a every time necessity when I style her hair. As long as it looks nice for the first 2-3 days after styling then we are all good. We are not going to get into the habit of allowing a hairstyle dictate our lifestyle.  Styles I typically do on Z's hair can be found on {this page}.

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  1. I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you have shared your regimen for clearly! I am an adoptive Mom (white) and really trying to take excellent care of my daughter beautiful curls. It seems to be getting trickier as she is getting 6. She wants it "long" and just doing protective styles and trims to maintain. I will be following your blog closely!!! Thank you!